Our Approach to Sustainability

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Gerald Nash
Gerald Nash

Long story short: We use filters to help us reduce manufacturing waste. They let us give our customers more designs without using more fabric!

After reading a bit about MEZCLA, it might be unclear exactly what makes us a sustainable brand. This is especially the case because we don't necessarily look like other sustainable brands. To provide some context, let's discuss why most brands aren't very sustainable.

Brands typically assume infinite demand for their products. They try to meet this demand by manufacturing and selling enough products to satisfy customers. This is how most businesses operate and isn't new, but in the case of apparel there's a catch.

The apparel industry has an interesting case where consumer tastes constantly change and brands have to adjust to the new tastes. Sometimes consumers want different materials or a new type of fit but most of the time they simply want more designs. This means that most of the time brands are repeatedly manufacturing the same style of garment just to place new designs on them. We find that to be wasteful and aim to reduce waste from that process by releasing new designs for the same clothes using our social media filters. This means that we can satisfy the demand for new designs without manufacturing as many physical garments, and our customers can take awesome pictures with new designs that they can share with their friends!

This doesn't mean that we plan to produce one physical design until the end of time, because everyone would get tired of that quickly. It means that we'll be significantly reducing how often we produce new apparel and how much we produce at a time, ultimately reducing the amount of waste we create over time.

We know we're not the most sustainable brand out there at the moment and that we could be doing more to become more sustainable, but we're young and we aspire to be as sustainable as possible as we grow and innovate!

We only have one Earth, and we want to take good care of it.

If you have any more questions about what makes MEZCLA different, feel free to email us or shoot us a DM on Twitter or Instagram!