Bringing MEZCLA to Roblox Universe

By: Gerald Nash
Cover Image for Bringing MEZCLA to Roblox Universe

Today we're announcing that we're releasing the design for our New World Reality Globe Hoodie to the Roblox universe. Anyone can download the hoodie and wear it in-game for free! You can check out the item here.

Why are you doing this?

Well, we make clothing for the physical and virtual world. Roblox is a huge virtual space where people spend lots of time. So, it's only natural that we make clothing for the game.

Why free?

Selling Roblox clothes is like selling pictures (literally!). Anyone who really wants it is gonna find a way to download it anyway, so selling it in-game isn't that great. With that in mind, we just make it super easy for you to download and wear it so you don't even have to go through any hassle.

How do you make money off this?

Good question! We don't make money off the downloads. Those are actually free for you to download and wear. We make money by selling the NFT for the hoodie. This way, we introduce some scarcity by making a kind of "trading card" for the hoodie. So when people buy the NFT for the hoodie, it's just like they're buying a trading card for it: it's something rare that proves that the hoodie is really theirs. You can download the picture of the hoodie all you want, but the owner of the hoodie is the owner of the NFT, the digital trading card.

To wrap up

This is the first of its kind, but it won't be the last. Digital clothing will be here to stay, and MEZCLA will always be at the forefront of this innovation.